The VMAX AHD CORE™ is a digital video recorder that offers real-time HD monitoring and recording at 1080p (1920X1080) and up to 240fps. The VMAX AHD CORE uses Analog High Definition (AHD) signals which allow customers to use existing coaxial cable infrastructure while providing an unparalleled image quality up to 1475ft (450m) using RG59 cables. AHD technology leverages the robustness of analog signal infrastructure for a seamless upgrade to the details and clarity of 1080p high definition resolution. The VMAX AHD will also support and manage all analog cameras up to 960H. The advanced DVR offers 1 Audio Input and Output, 4 Sensor Inputs and 1 Alarm Output, all controlled from the popular VMAX™ user interface. The VMAX AHD CORE™ is available in 4, 8 and 16 channel configurations, is available with up to 6 Terabytes of internal storage and is backed by Digital Watchdog’s unbeatable 5 year limited warranty.


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