Security 101

Security 101
Q: What does CCTV stand for?

A: Closed Circuit Television

Q: What does DVR stand for?

A: Digital Video Recorder. A DVR allows live real time camera images (or previously recorded) to be viewed on your computer or on any Internet device. Inside the DVR is a hard drive that stores recorded material. You can burn recorded material on a CD or DVD, or transfer via USB. A DVR also has the capability to be set up to only record when motion is detected so you are not constantly rewinding to view footage. A DVR can come as a 4,8, or 16 channel.

Q: What is a channel?

A: A channel is basically camera input. If you have a 4 channel DVR the maximum number of camera you can have is 4. Now if you have an 8 channel DVR the maximum number of cameras you may have is 8, however, you don’t have to use every channel. We often recommend to purchase a DVR with more channels that you originally need. This allows you to add cameras later on.

Q: What is a TV line?

A: A TV Line is the resolution of the video/images. Our cameras record at one of the highest resolution in terms of industry standards.

Q: How much memory do the hard drives hold?

A: Using a 500GB Hard Drive (approximate estimates):

· 4 Cameras- 2 months

· 8 Cameras- 1 month

· 16 Cameras- 2 weeks

A: Using a 1TB Hard Drive (approximate estimates):

· 4 Cameras- 3.5 months

· 8 Cameras-2 months

· 16 Cameras-1 month

Q: When should I use a dome camera?

A: Dome Cameras are popular in office buildings and retail offices.

Q: What does IR mean?

A: IR stands for Infrared. They are on night vision cameras as light illuminators. The IR’s will automatically turn on as the environment gets dark.

Q: What is fixed lens vs varifocal lens?

A: A camera with a fixed lens means the focus is fixed and will never change. A camera with a varifical lens can be adjusted to zoom in and out either manually or automatically.

Q: What does Lux mean?

A: Lux is the sensitivity of light for a camera. Sensitive cameras can operate with low levels of lux.

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